Saturday, September 27, 2008

Craigslist & The Gym

Craigslist Personals and the Gym go together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.
Men in various stages of undress. Sweat soaked Adonis. Naked Perfection. Exchanging glances. Lust. Sauna Activity.

You were wearing a puma orange t-shirt.
i was running by your side on the tread mill.

if you see this please hit me back :)

Hot preppy guy LA fitness buckhead - m4m - 26

Was working out last night around 7 when you came in and said hello. We made eye contact a few more times before i left, wish we had talked more. You were hot with green hat on.

Me hot young preppy white guy send me an email if you are interested in hanging out

Sexxy blk man at LA Fitness - m4m

Been in there during the midday hours this week... Im a stocky white guy. We've had a couple of conversations and I would love to chill, maybe blow u (no strings). Hit me up.

LA Fitness Buckhead - m4m - 33
great looking, fit, married, hairy guy in the sauna and shower Mid morning friday. I've seen you there a few times before. I enjoyed the show, do you ever do more outside the gym? hit me back.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

xxx Image Hosting

Photobucket deleted some of the pictures from my second post. I made a slideshow with some sexy images. It was totally arbitrary which images they deleted. Sure, some of them were racy. But some were artistic.
And here they are.

This has all been made possible by

MVP: from WWE

Montel Montavious Porter

This is one of the reasons I've always been devoted to TV Wrestling. Sports Entertainment.


My Likes: Muscles. Men. Skin. Redbones. Thunder Thighs. Bubble Butts.


Wrestling; always one of the reliable sources for male booty.


I hate when they get modest, and try to cover up. Why does he have those spandex shorts underneath that sexy outfit. It should only be one or the other, not both! RVD, you pay attention to this lecture too.

It should be more of this.

See below. Pun intended.

Oooh weee!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Let the music take control
Find a groove and let yourself go

When the room begins to sway

You know what I'm trying to say

Everybody, come on, dance and sing
Everybody, get up and do your thing


come on, dance and sing

Everybody, get up and do your thing

Colors of Men: Slideshow

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Cherry: or my First Blog Entry

I'm the first to admit that I'm a internet porn addict. I gotta get on line almost everyday- and the majority of my time is looking at hot men or downloading brazilian fuck scenes. (Bjorn is the best!) Now, back in my early days, the 90's- we didn't have the regular access to porn. I got my first computer- a college distributed laptop, circa '97. I'd be online all night... seeing images of nude men. (Much like your habits now, except without the limitations of 56k.)
Anyway, before that, before internet, there was only tv. Cinemax provided skinflicks with musclar guys in softcore action. Or hetero sex on the Playboy channel, where sometimes there were generous portions of male ass and physique. And VHS Porn tapes. So basically, most of my male fantasies were fueled by television. (WWF, NWA)
One of my strongest male crushes was Ron Gant. He was a chocolate brother that played for the Atlanta Braves. All the sista's in the ATL loved his fine muscle ass. I'm sure many white women harbored a secret crush too. And I bet many men were stroking their cock's w/ fantasies of Ron.

P.S. When I lost my virginity, at age 17, it was to to an older guy, about 22 years old. He was a hot, thick, athletic, hairy, light skinned guy. He had a picture of his boyfriend on his nightstand. And the guy in the framed picture, looked so much like Ron Gant. So that just made my first time even better.


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