Wednesday, October 8, 2008

David Otunga : formerly known as Punk

I'm posting, because it's our anniversarry. It was a year ago today that the world was introduced to him on the Second Season Premiere of the trashy I Love New York. Now, he's engaged to Jennifer Hudson.
Look above, those pants are nice and tight. I just want to caress that body.
He's a lawyer and a bodybuilder. Put his name in youtube and you can watch him bench press massive weight.
Fine. Pretty. Muscular. Metrosexual. But he's on a road to being Mr. Jennifer Hudson. The best way to define himself, I say do a sexy pictorial.

Don't keep us waiting David.

Dwain Leland

Perfect Physique. He is a study of human anatomy and unbridled sexuality.
Unleashing the Bad Boy.

He has a portfolio at


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David Otunga

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Would You Ever?
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