Saturday, December 27, 2008

Breakthrough of the Year: Marcus Patrick

He is Beautiful. Point. Fucking. Blank.Days of Our Lives was stupid to get rid of him. Dumbest thing since they got rid of Deidra Hall.

Let's thank Playgirl for getting him nude. And let's thank him for not teasing us like so many others (ie Mario Lopez).

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Favorite Male Cast: The Wire

Method Man aka Cheese.

Rick Otto

Russell “Stringer” Bell, played by Idris Elba. We all know Idris now, after he's swept Black America off her collective feet.

Detective Leander Sydnor, Played by Corey Parker-Robinson. Couldn't find pics to do him justice, he is such a cutie. With a nice bod!

Preston “Bodie” Broadus, Played By JD Williams. He's sexy w/ swagger. And all thanks to Oz, which provided a scene of his butt.

Officer James “Jimmy” McNulty, Played By Dominic West. Although an ensemble cast, he is the star and anchor of the show. Believe me, you either related to the show from his perspective, or you were watching for his next nude scene (there were many). What a great ass and body he has. And that bad boy persona fueled many a dream.

with Michael K. Williams. I personally don't find Michael that sexy, but i understand some people might. And he's openly gay, and plays a gay character on the show.

Roland “Wee-Bey” Brice, played by Hassan Johnson
Dennis “Cutty” Wise, Played By Chad L. Coleman. His character was an ex-con and a current boxing coach for kids. He was the finest on the show. Incredible body. He did have a sex scene on the show once, OMG that brown booty!
Sergeant Ellis Carver, Played By Seth Gilliam. He's such an underrated cutie.
Avon Barksdale, Played By Wood Harris. He's a great, poetic, actor. A chameleon of sorts- he embodies any role.
Michael Lee, Played By Tristan Wilds
Here is a clip of JD Williams from OZ. Go to the 3 minute mark where they show his ass.

Best Of 2008

I'm doing a best of list.
I got the idea from Dreamcaps, which i've been a member of for years. I was too late to vote on their awards this year, so I'll appoint my own winners. Haha.
I'll be posting the Best of 2008 List for the next couple of days.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Make it your duty to catch the Stephen Colbert Christmas Special. He offers some Eggnog to John Legend, but it's missing "Nutmeg". And so John sings about it.

"Girl, i wanna rock you like a cradle
you lick the NUTmeg off my ladle."

The song is sexy and suggestive. But this clip doesn't show my favorite parts. John Legend is dressed like a Park Ranger. The pants are a little snug. Thanks Wardrobe! His exit and his entrance are the best part of the special.


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