Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kevin Levrone

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Garrett: Early Net Crush

This guy dates back to the early era of internet porn.

I got my first computer/ laptop and internet connection around the fall of 1996.

And the Net Godz saw fit to deliver such pics.
A rich, chocolate colored black man. With DS cherry red lips.

Friday, February 6, 2009


found him on Model Mayhem.

Good Morning, John Legend

Good morning,
Good morning love,
It's my favorite love song,
I waited all night long,

Before you get into the shower,
Before you worry about your hair,
Baby give me one more hour,
I want you to stay right there,

I dont wanna lose a moment,
I dont wanna miss a kiss,
If i could plan the perfect day, love,
Then i would start it just like this,

I'll chase you underneath the sheets, love,
And i won't let you get away,
The day won't be complete, love,
Unless we get a chance to say,

Open your eyes, See my sun rise,
I feel you're scared, So warm inside,

Day breaks so sweet, When you're next to me,
So stay every night, So each morning will be,

Good Morning


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