Saturday, February 21, 2009

Collegiate Pursuits

Love? Vince Jones & Ron Howard
The Beautiful Specimen: Charles Griffin

Rub that lamp, see if that Genie will cum out! Whisper sweet nothings.

Make Coach happy.

Baby got Back.

The money shot.

Cutie Chris Fleeger

Chris / Matt Valenti Jr.

Vinci Alonso

Sexy. Full lips, looking like Wentworth Miller.

This is a terrible look. 80's porn look.

Is there such a thing as too pretty?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Winston Vallenilla

I've captured this Latin Hunk.
He got his start in a Mr Venezuela Pagent.Here he is as the host of a new crop of hopefull hotties.And here he is being sexy as usual.


I need a man around the house. I'm holding auditions.
Alejandro Camacaro
Dennis Vallenilla

Freddy Garalito

Hermes Melendez

Jesus Pinto

Jhosias Ortega

Joan Malla

Nomis Chanchamire

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alain Lamas

Well, this guy has video previews on his site. Of him masturbating, erotic dancing, etc.
But when he talks... he seems like such a douche. I was watching the video where he shows off his ass, but at the end of the video he shoots birds at the camera and starts calling his viewers fags.
And not to be critical, but his face ain't cute.
I visited another site that had some pics of him, and they accuse him of juicing steroids. They say the evidence is his "bitch tits".
Whatever, his body is banging! And that nipple is speaking to me.


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