Saturday, April 4, 2009


I get turned on when i see a fine guy squatting. His pants get tight in that position, makes it easy to see the contur of his ass.
I wonder what he's doing w/ his hands in his pockets.

I think i've seen this guy in the new video for Keri Hilson video "Turnin Me On"
Title appropriate.
He's a stripper.

Denisser Grovskiy

Those nipples are calling my name. They want my attention.

His body is incredible.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

K Dubb

This is my kind of guy. I first learned of him from fellow bloggers David Dust and Hoodsworld.

Raymond Julian... just perfect

You've seen this hottie on the net for sure. This guy really has a perfect body. Sumptuous.Readily Lickable. Dirrty.

Or Clean.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inspiration and Change

A former male prostitute alleged that pastor Ted Haggard paid him for sex and methamphetamine for three years. Ted CAME OUT of three intense weeks of counseling and "restoration" reportedly healed from his homosexual desires.

You too can learn the tenants that he learned:"Same-sex attraction is not an orientation," "It is a temptation."
Imagine this change in your life.
No longer tormented by thoughts of rubbing flavored oil on Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Licking his butt.
Not bothered by fantasies of a muscled black man talking dirty to you.
Or massaging some guy's taint.

Who is this sinful former prostitute to allege Haggard paid for sex? All brawny and hairy.As if he's Ted's type. All that mature muscle.
I don't think Haggard likes men at all. I think he likes women. And you will too, after i unleash this photo of Sexy Oprah.


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