Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craigslist and the Gym

We made eye contact and u nodded as u passed! Me: white guy that was on the elliptical You: black guy with mo-hawk and cut tshirt...... Hit me up would like to get to know you

Crusied each other at the gym , you blk guy 5'10, 175lbs white T-shirt , me white ... Cruised again in the lockers before I left.. Hit me up with details

I was walking to the parking garage and you were walking towards the gym, we both turned around and look at each other 3 times. Your were a very cute black guy, I was white. It was around 8:30...would love to get to know you if you see this....

You and I both were dressing in the same area this morning at Ballys Smyrna. You had an amazing cock which I loved playing with. You played with mine for a bit until I came and then had to dress to get to a meeting in Buckhead. Would love to play more sometime. I don't get to that location too often. e-mail with the make/color of your car and I'll know it was you, stud!

To the older guy who kept staring at me in the shower: hope you enjoyed watching me soap it up.

Sauna and buddy came in and I shifted to make room for YOU. Seated next to me - we had light conversaton about hours. As I left locker room we locked eyes and I got the message. Hit me with details i.e what I wore when I left gym and lets get together. Don't miss this chance man!

Threesome Thursday

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday: Houston Alexander

So, it was March 30th about 2am in the morning. I lay in bed, channel surfing before i fall asleep. And I stumble upon this.
I already knew Houston Alexander, from previous googling Fighter Weigh Ins.
Those tight red shorts.
So, you know i had to touch myself that night.

Wrestler Wednesday

I'm not fluent. But nearly everyone gets pantsed, or stripped in this match. I wish America was liberal enough for a match like this.


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