Saturday, October 17, 2009

SNL: The Rock

Watching Saturday Night Live right now.
The Rock has some pretty legs. I hadn't been privy to see those gams in a while...
Damn, will give you caps when they become available.

another Latin Hottie

Postings from Craigslist

You're the extremely well-built guy with the nice tan that likes to show it all off in the locker room at our gym. I'm the guy that enjoys watching your show. Last time you asked me something about my shirt and the time before that you needed my help with something. I'd love a private show sometime.
...To the sexy stud in the sauna, who just came in from the pool ..enjoyed the show hope you did too ... what percentage did you workout!!! love to see more of that sexy body and hot ass ... hope to cum there and bump into you again ..enjoyed our chat ... was hoping you would cum back to the hottub after our shower!
You are one hot black stud with a nice tool. You were showing off in the showers, getting that tool rock hard. We exchanged a few smiles, would have enjoyed exchanging more, but I had to run quickly. Get in touch and let's meet for some fun.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Let them Eat Cake

Kairon John

Kevin Moore Maximilliano Frutuoso

Marie Antoinette

During the Reign of Terror, at the height of the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette's husband was deposed and the royal family was imprisoned. Marie Antoinette was tried, convicted of treason and executed by guillotine on 16 October 1793, nine months after her husband.
Marie Antoinette has been given credit for the phrase "Let them eat cake." I think she was some sort of gay activist.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perfect Men... from Rugby & Soccer

Jason Robinson. Oo Mm Gee!

Luke McAlllister will seduce you with those Thunder Thighs. It's like a Trance!

Alex Rodriguez


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