Saturday, December 26, 2009

Entertainer of the Year: 2009

Fave Talk Show: Late Night Jimmy Fallon (Roots)

Letterman and Conan are both great. But I'm really enjoying Fallon.

He was a mess at first, but so was Conan when he started all those years ago.Now, with only a few months in, Fallon is shaping up to be a natural. He's more of his SNL self, less of his aweful movie self. He's got a great repoire with most of his guest, and... he's cute.

Also, i just love The Roots. I think they are the best thing in late night. And that's saying something. Paul Schaefer is a seasoned vet, Kevin Eubanks is sexy beef. But The Roots combine talent, with hip edge, with some cuteness too. Behold. Kamal.

Fave Achievment in Technology...

There are 2 winners of the Tech Award. Both External Hard Drives and WiFi components.

Yes, with my PS3, that also has a browser, I can get online. If my stupid desk top computer ever dies, there will be no interruption in blogging hot pics. Because I have a backup to the internet.

And then, there is the miracle of the external hard drive. I bought one for $50 dollars @ WallyWorld. This thin has 320 GB, which is more than my computer. So i've taken all my important files (porn) and put them on the external hard drive. Until i get around to burning them to disc, that is.
So if my computer dies, all the hottie pics are safe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festivus Miracles

A gay porn star was sentenced to 3 years in prison, for counts of robbery. Or as the prisoners have been calling it... "A Christmas Miracle."
Joke paraphrased from Jimmy Fallon monologue on 12-16-09.

Facts Below:
The two were arrested in South Philadelphia back in 2008 for a series of burglaries.
Most notably, they broke into a convenience store by cutting a hole in the roof and climbing down from a rope and getting away with money and several goods.
They were also thought to be involved in at least 35 other burglaries throughout the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
But now, Taleon, also known as Spider-Man, has been sentenced to three years in prison for his burglaries in New Jersey!
The 27-year-old is currently serving time in Pennsylvania.
And for his twin brother, and co-star in his gay porn videos, Keyontyli is free after being sentenced in September to time served in NJ.


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