Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brandon Quinn

He plays Tom, who is the hunky boyfriend of Lloyd on Entourage.

sexy as the name sounds... Kieron Wraith

A tattoo under his ear... does he have a wild side?
More tatts!

Give 'em the full Zoolander!
Oh, a bad body.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm in Love with OTUNGA

David Otunga, previously known as PUNK on the I LOVE NY reality shows. Now, he's the husband of sensational singer Jennifer Husband.He comes to the ring in a hoodie and jeans. Then, like a stipper, the jeans rip away.
Swoon.In real life... he was a lawyer. So he ain't just no muscle head. I never thought I'd feel about any wrestler the way I feel about The Rock.
Sure, I'm turned on by Shelton Benjamin (and that massive bulge), John Nitro (shaman of sexy) and M.V.P. (I love a high yella brotha).
But nothing comes near The Rock.
Ok, here comes the blasphemy. I'm feeling David Otunga, as much as I'm feeling The Rock.
Maybe it's because Rock isn't available for our weekly TV dates on Monday Raw & Friday Smackdown anymore.
And now, this big, muscled, biracial, pretty boi comes along to grace my TV twice a week. In HD even!Over at my favorite forum, dreamcaps, the moderator DaveId described him as "Otunga and Sheffield both have butts that just swallow their tights."
Oh, how true David.The catalyst for this post... Monday night, Otunga hosted RAW. He was so sexy, that I dreamed about him that night. In my dream, I made an advance on him, and he was game. So, in my dream world, we were trying to get back to my place. And like any roadtrip, we kept getting held up with stupid obstacles. But I was so eager and horny, trying to get us back to my crib.
Alas, i woke up without completing my quest.
It wasn't until my drive to work Tuesday morning, that i remembered my DreamQuest. And I was a little saddened by my unrequited lust.Well, fast forward to Tuesday, and he's on NXT on the Sci Fi channel. Wrestling as usual. But he got a wedgie. And it lasted for about a minute. Big Boi isn't shy, and let those cheeks show.
I'm sure the audience was nervous... because the mostly male audience just couldn't turn away from those peanut butter brown glutes, they wanted the moment to last forever I'm sure, but couldn't let on. Glad I got it recorded.As soon as the wedgie pics show up online, I'll post them. And I won't wait til next Wed. O face. That could've happened if I coulda got hold of him in my dreams.

Update, last night's episode can be downloaded from

Wed Weigh In: Jay Hieron


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