Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zak Bagans

Best way to watch GHOST ADVENTURES (you know, that GHOST HUNTERS rip-off on the Travel Channel): MUTE. The lead guy's a bit much for me, but he's got great arms. He seems to realize this by wearing those tight dark shirts... As you can plainly see, Eric speaks the truth. Surfing the TV waves, I stumbled upon this cutie and I couldn't turn away.

Want Milk?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soccer Hooliganism

Daphne: Sod!
Frasier: [sarcastic:] I am so sorry, Daphne! Now all I have to do is
make this relatively simple shot - unless of course you'd like
to concede defeat.
Daphne: [laughs] That's typical American arrogance. We Brits don't
know the meaning of the word "defeat!"
Frasier: Oh really, then I suppose you're not acquainted with that
little spat we refer to as the Revolutionary War!

Daphne: Oh, just like a Yank! Insulting us Brits to cover up your
inferiority complex!
Frasier: What exactly should we feel inferior about, your pioneering
work in the field of soccer hooliganism?!

Sydney Sleaze Ball

Monday, May 10, 2010

Joshua Fred

Dhani twittering

I'm serious... What's up with everyone hating on chest hair... No razor, no clippers, no waxing, allow men to be men
3:59 AM Apr 28th via txt

What's wrong with chest hair. It wasn't to long ago that men wore beards, had chest hair and were warriors. I will continue the tradition!
10:17 PM Apr 27th via txt
Mondays, 11pm, Travel Channel. Dhani Tackles the Globe


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Would You Ever?
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