Friday, July 9, 2010

Further Props to Jim Lee

To atone for my sins of trash talking about the Fashion Styling of Jim Lee... I will give him his rightful props.

Sure, we didn't like that redo on Wonder Woman. But this is an example of people only being known for their one mistake.
Well here is his greatest redo. Psylocke of The X-Men
She had pale, lavendar hair. She mainly wore frilly, pink blouses. And pink tights.
And here she is with hair stolen from a New Jersey Houswife.

She was also known to wear armor underneath her cape.

OK, time for the JIM LEE Makeover! From Frumpy to DIVA!

For everyone that complained about Wonder Woman being too covered up on the retouch... We give you Jim Lee's Psylocke.

She is all lines!

Geometry in motion.

In the early 90s, she was so popular, she became a 2 diminsional sex symbol.

more perfection: Kristofer Macklin

"What'll you have?"


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Apologies to Jim Lee

Recently, the INTERNET nearly broke with news of Wonder Woman getting a costume change. We have since learned it's temporary. But... the damage has already been done to the reputation of JIM LEE (redesigner of the outfit). And I feel bad, because I helped besmirch his name. And I do NOT want to be in league with Faux News.
So, to restore balance to my soul, let me vindicate Jim's good name. And show you that he is indeed a great stylist, fashionista, etc.

He took the X-Men's Rogue from Zero to Hero! Honestly, he left a mark on Rogue. He actually was the FIRST to make her sexy.

Here is his recent update on Saturn Girl. She lives in the 30th Century, so get liberated and show some skin.

One of my FAVORITE characters, Storm.

And the work he did on Storm! True, she had many costume changes. And even some cool short haircuts. But in addition to giving her 2 great makeovers (one of which became classic), he also gave her demeanor. Jim Lee's Storm was a return to royalty, and poise. His adaptation of her had confidence befitting her standings.

Former Goddess. Current Leader.

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