Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wed Weigh In: David Haye

picture worth 1000 words

Wed Wrestler: introducing MVP

This is the mugshot of Alvin Burke, Jr.; born October 28, 1973.

He's a cutie right? Well, in spite of his father being a police officer, he joined a gang by the age of 12.
He entered professional wrestling after completing 9½ years of an 18½ year prison sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping which he started at the age of sixteen.

I assume it was prison where he changed his name to Hassan Hamin Assad. He has a tattoo of Malcom X, and "Monte Cristo, the best revenge is living well."
His wrestling name is MVP.

When he debuted in WWE, he was clothed in spandex, covering up all the tattoos. I don't know if it WWEs' choice to hide the Malcolm X tattoo... or his choice to hide the others? He has gang tattoos from his youth that he is not proud of.

I always loved to see the tight fitting spandex clinging to his body. But the audience would jeer him... taunting "power ranger."
Now about that! The thing about wrestling, for me it's very homoerotic.
And I believe it is the same for millions of men that watch it. If a man is too good looking, the male fans get catty, "proclaim to detest him." Which we know, means, they really are TURNED on by him. Years ago, no matter how popular THE ROCK got, a large portion still jeered. And it's the same with David Otunga. They are just so pretty, unearthing private thoughts, knocking insecurities outta the closet!

So, back to MVP.
As he turned from Heel (bad guy) to Babyface (good guy)... the audience began to favor him. Hell, they can't fight those feeling for to long.

I love when the spandex rides up on his big, thick thighs.

And then... his outfits became sleevless.

And his finishing move, is similar to The Rock's.

Then, he got more tattoos, on those sculpted biceps.


Delicious thighs.

Big Ass.

Then, MVP starts pulling a move from Kurt Angle... and opening his costume to show off that chest.

Hell, let's just take it all off.


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