Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Breakout Hottie of the Year: Joe Manganiello

Alcide, the Werewolf of True Blood, is the Hottie of the 2010. Every week we watched True Blood, mouth agape, panting, waiting for Alcide to shed those clothes.

On a cold winter night, there ain't nothin' I'd rather cuddle up with.

Look at 'em, all sexy and tall, handling big sticks in his hand. Big tease.

Entertainer of the Year: Betty White

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Comedies of the Year

All very great, very funny shows.
Hopefully in 2011, The Game will be a part of this list. Add a little color the program.

Breakout of the Year: Heather Morris

Best TV of 2010: Drama

FRINGE is my favorite show! The successor to LOST, with common co-creator Damon Lindelof. The arc of this two and a half years has been brilliant. Rewarding as reading a series of books.

Premise: Odd Science Fiction events have been taking place... and the F.B.I.'s super secret FRINGE Division is tasks with the mysterious global

The Walking Dead seemed to take it's place FLASH FORWARD. Filled with just as many plot holes, but also has just the right amount of sexy flesh and an equally handsome lead character to keep me coming back excited.
Premise: The zombie apocalypse is here. Watch these people try to survive.
FLASH FORWARD was a decent show. Sometimes sloppy and corny, but always had a solid premise to rely on. Add in a hunky lead, and I'm ready to follow.

Premise: Almost everyone on the planet blacks out, and during the event they see their future. Join the F.B.I. as they try to find culprit behind the world changing event... as they cope with their own impending futures.
It was cancelled.

TRUE BLOOD is smoking hot. It's not porn, it's HBO. And I love it. Season three has brought on a hottie werewolf, teased with gay fantasies, had some real gay relationships, plenty of action, drama, and some good bitchy, dialogue.

Premise: Vampires have come out the closet and exposed themselves to the world. Submitting themselves to human bigotry, for the chance to live normal, love sorta normal.

Best in Show for 2010 is LOST. The six year run was wrapped up with a brilliant final season... that we didn't understand until the final 2 hour episode. Or until the next day after the finale for many.
Premise: Survivors of a plane crash attempt to escape a mysterious island... but was it fate that brought them there? And what is their mission?
I'll admit the final season of 24 wasn't as thrilling as the two previous seasons. But it's still a great show that FOX allowed to cancel to early. And Monday Night hasn't been good since.

Premise: Jack Bauer defends the world, by any means necessary... whether you want it or not.

NIP TUCK was the perfect combination of highbrow and lowbrow entertainment. This was the most intense, sexy, and dependable hour of television for it's entire run.

Premise: A good guy and a bad guy team up to perform plastic surgery, and rediscover that beauty is not skin deep.

Ok, and all the good shows i've never watched, yet, deserve their mention: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Breaking Bad.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

UFC Fighter of 2010: Georges St Pierre

He's just a really good guy. A gentleman. A great competitor, with an incredible body.

Most Awesome Wrestler of 2010

My pick for wrestler of the year is THE MIZ! I have such a damn crush on him. He's awesome! And it wasn't an easy climb to the top for him. There is always a John Cena/Randy Orton/ Dave Batista, etc taking top billing.

Obstacle One: Wrestlers are a HOT, SEXY bunch... and he wasn't at the top of that list. But with a good makeover was needed.

Obstacle Two: being overshadowed by an incredibly, HOT tag team partner. But once the team splits, Miz was finally able to blossom.

Obstacle Three: Terrible Style. But as legend goes, one day Vince McMahon called him in the office and told him he has nice legs, so it's time for him to wear wrestling trunks.
Obstacle Four: Attitude. To be a memorable personality, you have to have Attitude and Swagger. All he had to do was channel everything he learned from Real World/Road Rules... and a star is born.
He even got himself a sexy sidekick.

He's really come into his own this year. Welcome to the A List. 2010 is the year of MIZ.


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