Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wed Wrestler: Feed Me More

I tell you, I've had a crush on JTG since I first saw him. Nice looking, muscular black man, full of swag. He used to wear baggy pants, hiding those pretty legs from me.

And then there is Ryback!

Formerly known as Skip Sheffield.
He already won me over with that ass.
And those slutty outfits. The singlets with air brushed art, like RVD wears.

2 weeks ago, JTG and Ryback got in on in a match. It was like watching one of my favorite type of Adult Movies. All that exposed skin, large muscles, sweat, and big booty.

And Ryback, with the "Feed Me More" chant... is the hottest thing since The Rock's tongue flicking.
"Feed Me More" puts me in the mood of a hot, uninhibited 69.

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Would You Ever?
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