Friday, December 25, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

 Christmas day the birth of Christ no doubt
That's what it's all about
Lemonhead stop the beat for a sec...
Show some respect
Santa Claus what's up with you?
Tell K-Not what you gone do
Cause I want everything I say
When I wake up on Christmas day
Help me out if you can
Cause I need a real good man
Cute with a whole lot of cash flow
Standing underneath my mistletoe
And it ain't no ifs ands or no buts
Gone and fill my stocking up
With a lot of shoes a lot of clothes
A lot of cash a lot of gold
K to the not want a lot of stuff
So if you think you got enough
Get ready cause my Christmas list
Goes a lil something like this

 I want 12 hundred dollars
11 pairs of shoes
10 fingrenails
9 packs of weaves
8 male strippers

 7 bus passes
6 diamond rings
5 months free rent
4 bangles
3 pocketbooks
2 earrings
And a man with a lot of money!

1 comment:

uncle barry said...

❤❤❤❤LOVE IT 😂


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