Saturday, April 23, 2016

Big Ass

Birthday Boy John Cena's WWE Debut

Kurt Angle issued a challenge to the locker room for a fight...
and out walks new comer John Cena.

Why this match is hot:

Kurt's body was in it's peak form! SEXY!

John Cena used to wear tight short-shorts. Practically booty shorts!  And his butt was poppin' way back then, too!

Double Entendre - At the 8:06 time stamp, it's a camera shot of Cena laying with his legs spread wide open. Big, milky thighs on display, bubble butt stuffed in those red shorts... and the announcer Taz says "This guy looks good."

9:58 time stamp - bulge and butt. Just bouncing and jiggling.

Happy Birthday, John Cena!

"... damn good."

You then transitioned to TV, starring as Tornado on Gladiator. Have you fulfilled any Gladiator fantasies in the bedroom?
[Laughs] Whatever I do in the bedroom, I make sure to put on a damn good show! Well, unless I’m wasted [laughs].

Back it up.

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